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the all eyes on me-collection (a.e.o.m.)

premiére collections launch 2021

3 collections | 1 event | 100 designs

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the a.e.o.m.-collection


active wear
casual wear
formal & business wear
sleep-, under- & footwear

body with collar
the collar
the collage
the feet
the z

aeom wall coverings

wall coverings

not always written on the wall

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from what i've seen, the patterns and designs suggest a focus on specific objects in each sketch. i am always looking for the unseen things in the visible. loved it!

thomas j.

thomas j.

visual arts director

would i wear this? absolutely! the designs offer so much room for generating fresh perspectives, definitely a fresh and quirky visualisation of everyday pleasures.

marcella s.

marcella s.

customer engagement

love the designs! love the energy! love the freedom! now i'd like to see these designs with some proper branded sustainable products. put me on the mailing list!

amarildo p.

amarildo p.

fashion geek

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the launch visualisation

23 april 2021, 10:00 (CET)

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